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Music from creatives, music for creatives. Simple as that. In bringing together visual artists and DJs to produce unique mixes for the creative community, Brainstorm Radio provides the best tunes for those long hours in the studio, workshop or gallery – or when you’re feeling like a couch potato, we won’t judge.

Why? In 2011 researchers in the Netherlands found that the music one listens to can temporarily change a person’s visual perception and affect what they think they see. In short: the music you are listening to directly alters the way you perceive the world. Your music selection just might make the difference between fast mark making or making calm color choices.

Why mixes instead of Spotify lists?
We believe that you experience music much better by hearing a fluent story instead of skipping back & forth between tracks.

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Xaviera is an illustrator living and working in Rotterdam. Her interests are pop culture, music and food, but above all she has a strong passion to address social issues. She illustrates them using bold lines and a variety of bright colours. She works for various brands and publications, mostly from her home studio. As an artist herself she wondered what music sparks the imagination of other artists and decided to ask them. She asked Johan, friend and DJ, for help. Yannick and Franky joined the group, and from that moment Brainstorm Radio was born. Her role at BSR is curating artists and handling the socials and website.

If you have any questions regarding Brainstorm Radio don’t hesitate to contact her!

︎ xavieraaltena
︎ Xaviera’s portfolio
︎ xaviera.altena@gmail.com


DJ / Graphic Designer

Yannick Mortier, stage name Pierrot, is a graphic designer and DJ from Rotterdam with Flemish roots, born in the 80’s. His sets, shows and mixtapes are based on fundamental sounds collected over the years. Whatever crossed his path and reached out to his soul. Pierrot is going all directions. Difficult to put in a box, easy to adapt to. Pierrot is a resident at Operator Radio with a monthly show called Unexpected Delight (formerly Pierrot), co-founder of the creative collective Club Bizarre, hosting a new club night in town and has recently been added as a new member of the Los Bangeles crew, creating content for social platforms and the creative culture.

︎ ouipierrot
︎ Pierrot’s Mixcloud
︎ Pierrot’s Soundcloud


DJ / French teacher

Johan, known by his stage name JJAQ, is a Belgian recording artist and DJ based in Rotterdam. As the son of a father with disc jockey dreams and ambitions, he already had a major CD and vinyl collection within his reach at a young age. Being born with a firm amount of curiosity and Togolese roots, he sifted his dad's collection and listened and danced to the records of different kinds of genres. His taste evolved and he grew a fondness for a rough form of black music, which made him observe different artists more and more. This led to different types of music and a unique style, which he describes as "raw baseline with a funk".

︎ jjaq.flac
︎ Johan’s Mixcloud
︎ Johan’s Soundcloud


DJ / Illustrator

Franky Sticks is a Rotterdam based Illustrator & DJ. His iconic style is defined by simple strong flowing linework combined with a vivid color palette. There’s a timeless quality to his playful yet contemplative work, which is inspired by Rotterdam’s diverse landscape and thriving mix of cultures. Franky’s portfolio includes murals, digital illustrations, sculptures, paintings and limited prints. As a deejay Franky Sticks has been rocking crowds at clubs, festivals, and corporate/private events for over 7 years and is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his club sets. Franky Sticks is also known for performing live on stage with The Re:Freshed Orchestra and teaches DJ classes at Hiphophuis Rotterdam.

︎ frankysticks
︎ Franky’s portfolio

︎ Franky’s Mixcloud

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