Limited edition 

Size: 30x30 cm
Thickness: +/- 3mm

Product info

All our slipmats are made of high quality polyester/felt and are produced in the Netherlands.

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We only accept Paypal ︎

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How long before I receive my package?

All items are carefully packed by hand before shipping them to you.
It can take up to a week before your order will be shipped.
You will receive a worldwide track & trace code by e-mail to follow your package.

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Standard: 1-5 Business Days.

EU & UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia
Standard: 3-7 Business Days
Eastern Europe & Russia
Standard: 5-10 Business Days
North America - USA, Canada & Mexico
Standard: 10-21 Business Days
Asia, Australia & New Zealand
Standard: 10-21 Business Days
Africa & Rest of the World
Standard: 10-21 Business Days

Please note:
The above mentioned delivery days are estimates and can vary and change without prior notice.


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