Wilfrid Wood is a satirical sculptor. He started out as headbuilder on the TV program Spitting Image and now make heads and figures entirely by hand. They are of famous people, invented characters and friends. He uses polymer clay, papier mâché and heaps of warm plasticine. Instagram is a source of commissioned portraits, he does his own work for galleries an draws people both naked and clothed just about every day. His inspiration comes from faces, fashion, the news, gay stuff, people on the bus, celebrities and funny looking animals. Wilfrid lives and works in Hackney, East London.

Music is a mood modifier for me in the studio, a kind of drug. There are uppers and downers. I listen to The Pixies when I want waking up, Connan Mockasin when I’d like a soft landing and Oumou Sangare when I need to cry.

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⑉ Wilfrid’s tracklist: Rhode Island Saxophone Quartet - Bulgarian Folk Song Suite: II. Pilentze Pee・The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir - Schopska Pesen・Joanna Newsom - You Will Not Take My Heart Alive・Etoile de Dakar - Thiely・Shirley & Dolly Collins - Death and the Lady・Oneohtrix Point Never - Warning・The Space Lady - Born to Be Wild・Bendik Giske - Up・Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabaté - Mamadou Boutiquier・Oumou Sangare - Yere faga (feat. Tony Allen)・Kate Bush - Watching You Without Me・Bill Callahan - Night・Ricardo Villalobos - Skinfummel・▷ Mixed by Pierrot

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