Joost Swarte is a Dutch cartoonist and graphic designer. He is best known for his ligne claire style of drawing, a term he coined. Comic series and characters by Swarte include Katoen en Pinbal, Jopo de Pojo, Anton Makassar, Dr Ben Cine and Niet Zo, Maar Zo- Passi, Messa. He is however more famous for his numerous drawings, stamps, posters, cards, LP and CD covers, and for his magazine covers. Most noteworthy the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland and the American magazine The New Yorker. Next to album covers he’s been involved in multiple music projects. In 1992 with Fay Lovsky: Jopo in Mono, and in 1998 with Ariling and Cameron: Sound Shopping.

Music has always been a very important aspect in my life. Honestly, I can’t live without it. It comforts me or gives pleasure. I don’t make distinction between genres but I do in quality. In my studio music plays two roles: Sometimes I need music to distract me from the development of a drawing if I’m stuc into a rut. And in the developing fase music can alleviate the hours of craft. I draw sitting or bend over at the table... At these moments music gives me a reason to stand up and make some dancemoves.”

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⑉ Joost his tracklist: Peter Fox - Ich Steine, Du Steine・ Radiomatic - Strip-Tease・ Bertrand Belin - Neige Au Soleil・ Cocoon - Take Off・ Jo Goes Hunting - Easy Way To Release・ Penny & The Quarters - You And Me・ Ukulele Club De Paris - A La Nouvelle Eve・ Arling & Cameron - Tic Toc (feat. Merante Tamar)・ Amatorski - Never Tol・ Tracey Thorn - Oh, The Divorces!・ CocoRosie - Lemonade・ Chilly Gonzales - Pixel Paxil・ Bon Iver - 715 (Creeks) ・ ▷ Mixed by Pierrot

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