Luisa Salas, artist name Hola Lou, is an artist and muralist based in México's Yucatan Peninsula. Always curious for contrasts and bold simplicity, Lou bases her artworks in the act of balancing abstracted memories, feelings and music; all of them influenced by a minimal and modern approach of the diversity of her Latin roots. Usually painting with abstract Jazz in the background, but for Brainstorm Radio she made a selection of songs she would listen to when she needs to get pumped with energy.

“Music brings me into a flow of creating, it lets me get in tune with what I feel needs to be expressed on the pieces I'm painting or even sketching. Whether it has vocals or its only instrumental, music saves me from going crazy inside my own mind, haha!”

︎    holalou

⑉ Luisa’s tracklist: Nathy Peluso - Hot Butter・ Hollie Cook - Milk & Honey・ Kamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas・ Kokoroko - Abusey Junction・ Illa J - 7 Mile・ Sampa The Great - Energy・ Slum Village - Fall in Love・ J Dilla - So far to go・ Abstract Orchestra - Accordion・ The Olympians - Sirens of Jupiter・ A-Type Player - History・ Tommy Guerrero - El camino Negro・ Everything is recorded - She Said・ Monte Booker - Kompany・ Kali Uchis - Killer・ ▷ Mixed by Evelyn Rae

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