Portrait shot by Dean Martindale

Kyle Platts grew up in Sheffield, England, and despite being told by a careers advisor to work in a steel mill rather than pursue a career as a cartoonist, he studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated in 2011. Since graduating he has had great success as a commercial freelance illustrator and has published two books with Nobrow Press, Megaskull and Festival Frenzy. Kyle’s comics aim to create a graphic reflection of culture, where macabre content is juxtaposed with vibrant colour and comic humour.

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⑉ Kyle’s tracklist: Larry Heard - Summerbreeze ・Jan Hammer - Crocket’s theme・Lung Dart - AV Duet・Mike Oldfield - Incantations Part Four (excerpt)・Robert Wyatt - Pigs... (In There)・Nada - Amore Disperato (2004 Remaster) ・Ascendant Vierge - Influenceur (Original Mix)・Chassol - Birds, Pt. 1・Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody・Fleetwood Mac - That's All for Everyone (2015 Remaster)・Hiroyuki Sawano - Attack on D・Spike Fuck - Tomorrow We Get Healthy・Mézigue - Du son pour les gars sûrs・Giant Swan - IFTLOYL・Gajek - Doorslams And Rockslides・Oneohtrix Point Never - Same・Colin Stetson - Reborn・Vladimir Cosma - Hot Dog・▷ Mixed by Franky Sticks

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